Soy Candles -Tea lights - Clamshell Melts- Gifts

  100% soy wax, 100% handmade   

Are your candles really 100% soy?
Yes . We only use 100% All Natural Soy Wax in our candle. We so not mix with any other wax.

Do you use additives or chemicals?
No we use no additives at all. Some others contain steric acid, U/V blockers. We have decided not to use these as they will emit chemicals into your home.

What kind of wicks to you use?
We only use pure cotton wicks which are coated with soy wax to help them light when first used. We do not use wicks which contain Lead, Zinc or any other metal or chemical in our candles.

You use the term "100% All Natural Soy Wax". Are they really 100% All Natural?
The truth is no. The term "100% All Natural" refers to the Soy Wax. The fragrances are a mixture of natural oils and synthetic fragrances. Having said that, the synthetic fragrances are totally safe and do not release chemicals into your home, just like flavoured milk (synthetic flavours) doesn’t send chemicals into you body. Essential oils are not released as well as fragranced oils so you need more of it to get the same result which would increase the cost of the candles. All our fragrances and oils clinically tested and are totally safe for you, your home and the environment.

Do you "Double" or "Triple" Scent your candles?
People who say that they double and triple scent their candles are just trying to "up sell" their product. Soy wax has a natural fragrance yield, meaning it can only hold so much fragrance. This will soak the wick making it harder to light and may also pool at the top of the candle or in pockets along the edge. Adding too much fragrance also makes your candle flammable (meaning the wax can ignite) and is very dangerous for your home. So don’t be fooled.I use the maximum amount of fragrance possible to ensure you have great, fragrant and safe candle.

How do you colour your candles?
My candles are coloured with natural dyes. We do not use synthetic dyes or colours in our candles.

What if I drop my candle?
Being natural colours, should you happen to spill some wax on your fabrics or table cloth etc, they will wash out with warm soapy water in most cases.The wax will wash off very nicely of your tables, wall units etc without leaving a waxy mess.

Will your candles burn evenly?
Yes. If burned correctly, they should burn completely and not "tunnel". If burned in drafty areas or outside, you may experience slight tunnelling because the flame is being moved around. Our candles should ideally be burned for 2-3 hrs for the first time and not burned for more that 5 hrs at a time. This is normal with all candles; natural or paraffin.

Do you stock candles?
Generally no. We make our candles to order. This is because, being Natural Wax, it has a limited shelf life and will deteriorate over time. Generall Soy Wax candles only keep well for 8-12 months, unless preservatives are used. We do not use preservatives. I do have a certain about on hand for when I go to the markets.
Any orders received are made up fresh to the order request. Paraffin candles keep forever because they are made from refined diesel oil.

Why does my candle have white dots on it?
This is natural with most fragranced candles. They are called "Blooms" and if you look at most fragrant candles in the stores, they will nearly all have white "Frosting" in or on the candles. Candles that don’t have this frosting, usually have an extra coat of wax on the outside or have extra chemicals added to prevent this. We don’t use chemicals.

Where do you deliver to?
Postage costs included at the check-out are for Australia only. I also have pick-up by way of the Local Markets, or by arrangment if needed. Just send me an email with your order and I will contact you.

How can I order?
You can order from our online store, by phone, or by email. We accept, money order, PayPal and cash on pick-up.

Do I need a PayPal account to order online?
No. PayPal is a third party that allows store owners online to accept credit cards.When checking out, if you do not have a PayPal account you will just be asked to use your credit card as you normally would. PayPal uses a secure server, and your information can not be stolen.