Soy Candles -Tea lights - Clamshell Melts- Gifts

  100% soy wax, 100% handmade   

Fragrance Tea Light
5 hr fragrance tea lights a great way to sample our fragrances.
Size: 38 x 18mm
Price: $2.20
12 pkt Assorted Tealights
12 pkt of Assorted Fragrance Tealight.
Not sure what fragrances to choose, let me help you and I will select a range of our top fragrances.
Price $24

Spa Candle

Manufactured with 100% flame retardant polycarbonate  will burn for around 10-15 hours. They are non-toxic and recyclable.

Also available in a Mozzie Blend made of eucalyptus blue gum, lemon grass and citronella essential oils.

Dimensions -D 50 mm by H 38.1 mm

Price: $5.50

Spa Pack
Idea I have created is Spa Pack great mood maker may it be for a bath soak, romance or a treat for yourself. Contains 2 x spa Candles, 3 x fragrance tea lights all in the same fragrance. 100% flame retardant polycarbonate spa cups will burn for around 10-15 hours.They are non-toxic and recyclable. 
Price: $16.50
Idea I have created Double Shots - Double the fragrance for your melt burner. 1 x shot cup melt, 2 x 5hr fragrance tea light all in the same fragrance..
Price: $6.50

The 6 for $12 noddle box range contains 6 x assorted fragrances tea lights 5 +hrs burn time ea.
Boxes combo ranges are clean/spa, for him, for her, foral, romance, for fun.
A great little gift 🎁 pack to give or treat yourself to enjoy just some of our range of fragrances at Sweet-D-Lites.
Price: $12
Noddle Box Pack
Do you have a business and would like to say that personal thank you to your clients.
Sweet-D-Lites is able to make up personal labels for your business, wedding favours. baby showers or for any occasion.
Just contact us here to help anyway we can.